Monday, October 17, 2011

Skin Care Recipees

Below are a list of facial and skin care recipees i'm currently using: HOPE YOU ENJOY

Usually when one is cleaning and moisturizing one's face, one should try the following steps:
1. Cleanse
2. Scrub
3. Steam

Milk Cleanser Recipee(To cleanse and exfoliate)
1tsp powdered milk
1tsp water

Mix and massage onto face, leave for two mins and rinse

Brown Sugar Scrub

1tbsp brown sugar
2-3 drops of Vitamin Oil
2tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mix, and massage onto face then rinse

Steam face; there are plenty of ways but I tried the old school method.
Place face over a boiling pot of water and rest face over steamfor 5 mins.

Lemon Facial Mask:

2 egg yolks
1tsp of olive oil
1tsp of lemon juice

Mix, then apply  on prewashed face, leave for 10 mins then rinse.

This process and recipees left my face feeling soft, and moisturized. Something I will continue to do once a week.

SKIN: There are plenty of ways to moisturize my skin, but the following are ways I used.

1. Open Pores- by running warm water on skin
2. Apply body scrub
3.Rinse with cool water
4.Air dry or towel pat dry
5. Oil with oils- lightly oil skin (also optional)
6. Moisturize with lotion or moiturizer(optional)

Body scrub Recipee:

2-3 tbsp of brown sugar
4 drops of vitamin E oil
Extra oils or body gel( i prefer to use gel since it already has in oils)

Mix, then apply to skin gently and rinse with cool water

I also have very dry lips so i do a lip scrub everyday or every other day; same recipee as brown sugar scrub just less oil and sugar

Place mixture of a new toothbrush and gently scrub lips, then rinse and very lightly oil or moisturize lips.

These recipees and processes are helping me. I hope they help you!
If you're interested in more recipees, visit my "Blog and Websites I've Found Helpful" tab

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