Thursday, June 14, 2012

Curls, "Cleansing Cream" Review

I received this product in my June's(and first) month CurlBOX( for more info visit, and I was very anxious to try the product and must I say, I was far from disappointed. Within this review, I'll illustrate my likes and dislikes about the product, from its outer appearance, to its texture, the affect on my hair and the ending results.


The bottle itself is very cute and a simple size to travel with. The labeling is very busy and repetitive about how safe the product is, due to the fact that it is free of sulfates, silicones, parabens, mineral and /or petrolatum oils. They do mention it about three times; which is of course the attention phrase that many new "natural curly" hair products use to grasp the eyes of a any kinky or curly hair top.
I do love the fact that the bottle is see through; allowing us to see the consistency of the product and  the amount of it left after use. I  however, do not know if it's a all natural/organic product since the ingredients list consist of various scientific name chemicals that I am seriously unaware of; but it does contain  various organic  such as, carrot seed oil, organic horse chestnut extract and sage leaf  extract. In my opinion, it's not organic but is safe to use on the hair since it lack sulfates and other damaging ingredients.


Now with the consistency of the product, with me, it hit the SPOT!!!! I love love love thick creamy products. What you can tell from the picture, it's not that thick like my Suave Naturals Conditioner BUT it is creamy and easy to smooth into the hair. And that I LOVE! The smell of it reminds me of coconut but the ingredients doesn't mention coconut so I'm not sure what's giving it that distinct smell but it is a lovely smell. Side note: with the creamy texture, i did expect for it to be a moisturizing shampoo but instead it's a cleansing shampoo; which I find to be interesting.

My Experience

This shampoo, showed me qualities about my new texture that I was HIGHLY unaware of. Now after rinsing it out of the first section of my hair,which is in the back,  ( check washing regimen), my hair felt slightly stripped. Not hazardly stripped but like a squeaky clean strip. BUT after I rinsed it out of the front sections, it felt very soft and moisturized. Now to keep note, I used equal amount of the product on all sections ( nickle sized). That therefore, showed me that I have different textures in my hair( the front and the back) but that is another subject to discuss. However, my hair was cleansed and felt soft and smelled awesome!

The Verdict

My overall review of this product is:

The see through bottle is very convenient but the busy label can be a turn off
The ingredients are still held in question but it is sulfate free, leaving it "safe" for the hair.
The consistency if smooth and creamy and not too thick and easy to smooth into the hair.
It also has a comforting smell that is not over powering but also a mystery.
The shampoo will have different effects on different textures; with thicker hair, it might leave it slightly stripped and with spongy hair it might leave it soft and moisturized.

Over all, this shampoo might be within the workings of being a staple. HOWEVER as i forgot to mention, the price of it is steep. For this 8oz bottle, $15 is not worth it. But I will continue to use this shampoo, esp when I need a proper cleansing after 2 week protective styles and product build up.!

For more information on this product and other products on the line, you can visit

Disclaimer: I am in no way being paid to review this products, the thoughts on these products are my own bases off of my experience using the product.

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