Monday, October 17, 2011


Before I had my kids, I had the smoothest skin one could imagine! BUT After my kids, my skin became DRY DRY DRY DRY!!! I didn't know wha to do. For 3 years, I dealt with dry, itchy, cracked skin, hoping it would go away. Consciously, I knew I wasnt doing what was required to have moisturized skin. In other words, I wasnt taking care of my skin. I have dry patches with visible cracks and they irritate me to the MAX. So after starting my hair journey, i've decided to research ways to moisturize my dry skin.

The KEY way to moisturize my skin is to drink PLENTY of water; that is a process i'm trying to accomplish.  Another way is to oil my skin on a daily basis and stay away from chemicals or products that dry my skin.

Last week I began my skin transition from dry to moisturize! Just like my hair transition, I googled plenty of ways to moisturized and cleanse my skin at home. And I found the following:

Body and facial scrubs recipees

Body and facial cleansers recipees

Facial Mask recipees

Steaming processes

Facial rinses

Although, I found plenty of recipees, I used those that were convinient at the time.

I used brown sugar scrubs, milk facial cleanser, and a lemon facial mask. If you're interested in these recipees lightly CLICK HERE

I must admit, although, I just started using these recipees and methods, I am in love with the way it makes my skin and face feels. They feel smooth and clean and moisturized which is what I need!

For a body wash, I now use Whole Foods Market 365 Everyday Value Shower Gel; it has plenty of essential oils and is organic and sulfate FREE! YaaY. I love this product esp. the mint smell. To have an extra clean feel, i mix it with the brown sugar and Vitamin E oil, to have a scrub effect.

Right now i'm trying to develop a regime for my skin transition. When I do develop one i will post it online.

I'm embracin my roots yall!!!

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