Friday, October 7, 2011

Why Transition? Why Something New and Different?

First off  i'll like to thank everyone that's blessed my page with their presence. Thankies!! And I hope you remain to follow and support me on my transition.

Normally when you see the words, "transition" and "roots" in a blog, immediately(80% of the time) you think about hair transition from relaxed to natural. You are RIGHT!!! BUT(BRAKES) i'm not only transitioning with my hair but my entire lifestyle; my HAIR, my SKIN, my HEALTH, my RELATIONSHIPS, my FINANCIALS and ect.  So basically i'm changing my life. While starting my hair transition, I noticed the only way for me to stick with making changes is to write about it. So that's what "EnhancinMyRoots" is all about. It's my transitioning JOURNAL!! I'm EXCITED about it! I'm 1 month into my hair transition! My BC goal is 2yrs! And i'm READY to MAKE A CHANGE and ENHANCE MY ROOTS!!

I've decided to try something NEW and DIFFERENT because I was tired of being in a "RUT"(blech)!!! Relaxing my hair was getting expensive and frustrating, it was difficult to find relaxed hairstyles to fix my face and I just needed a different way to BREATHE and EXPRESS myself!! So hair I am taking that LEAP of faith.

I invite you guys to join me! Whether you're black or white, old or young, male or female. I'm going to need as much support and advice as I can get!!!! So THANK YOU again for visiting my blog(aka journal), I do plan on updating(or bloggin') bi-daily or weekly, not sure yet.  I'll see yall on my page!!


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