About "Embracin' My Roots"

HI! First off, I'd like to Thank everyone for blessing my page with your presence! Thankies!!!

If you've read my intro, "Why Transition? Why something New and Different?"  , then you know the purpose of this blog! But on this page, ill go into little more detail about the blog and it's connnection to the title.

"Embracin' My Roots"  basically means that i'm changing my lifestyle with the process of going back to my roots. What do I mean by "roots"? I plan on going back to the "Old school" the "Original" way of managing my life. The values my ancestors passed down to me but i've neglected to embrace and to practice.

In my journey I plan to, GO BACK NATURAL. Go back to the "REAL"( safe and genuine) way to improve my life. Now a days everything is complicated but covered up with the "lie or thought" of being "simple". Make grooming easier by relaxing your hair, putting on fake nails, putting on make up ect; or don't worry about doing a budget just get loans or credit cards; or don't worry about cooking meals for your family, go out and eat fast food(Value Meals); why excercise when you can get "lypo" or take "special pills" and on and on, I think you get my point! But in reality, those "easy"ways of life can be comlex; relaxers and fake nails can be costly and obtain "mystery" chemicals that harm the skin and hair; loans and credit cards can be burdens to your financial history and ect.

So, my goal is to transition out of those ways and make life easier and more enjoyable the natural way; with the help of my ROOTS!! So, instead of relaxing my hair, i'm going natural, instead of putting on fake nails, i'll learn to self manicure and pedicure, instead of taking pills(which I NEVER do) to loose weight, i'll eat right and excersise, instead of getting loans or credit cards, i'll learn to manage my budget and maintain my finances. Theses ways might not seem like much to some but they are the ways I believe that will change my life!!!

You're welcome to join me and support me and advised me througout my transition in Life!!!

I'm Embracin' My Roots Yall!!!

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