Sunday, August 4, 2013

Episode 1 of the " It's All for my Hair Series"

Welcome to Episode 1 of the " It's All for My Hair Series"; if you're new to this blog you can view the Prelude to this series, which will explain it in further details.

Squeaky Clean or Squeaky Dirty?

Before this series, I would follow my hair routine to the CAPITAL "T"; I HAD to WASH my hair EVERY week, whether it needed it or not. Now that it's summer and I rather spend my days outside with my kids rather than a 4 hour washing session, an unnecessary 4 hour session. Now, its not like I used a sulfate shampoo or a strand damaging shampoo; no I used mostly natural/organic shampoos. So there wasn't a scare of excessive use of shampoo; but there was a scare of unnecessary washes. By the end of some weeks, I'd find my scalp and hair with minimum dirt or buildup BUT I'd still scruba dub dub my curly curls. So with the persuasion from Florida beautiful heat and my random laziness, I've started Co-Washing rather than shampooing.

 For those unfamiliar with co-washing, it's the fairly simple method of washing your hair with CONDITIONER!!! Yes, CONDITIONER!! LOL It's a safe and swift way of washing your hair without the excessive oil stripping qualities of shampoos. Plus, your hair doesn't get as tangled from the conditioner like it would with shampoos. AGAIN it's EASIER AND FASTER!! LOL! In addition to co-washing, I've decided to wash when necessary. YES, there may be time when I'd go almost 2 weeks without washing my hair but that might be due to protective styles or extremely busy schedules.

So here's a quick comparison of my  weekly washing regimen:
Past:                                                                                         Current:
Shampoo                                                                     Cowash( once or twice)
Deep Condition                                                          Deep Condition
                                                                                   Clarify/Shampoo when necessary or monthly

Shampoo hair,  deep condition and detangle.            Cowash and detangle, OR Cowash,
                                                                                   deep condition & detangle, OR Clarify/shampoo,
                                                                                   deep condition and detangle.

Now some of you maybe thinking, what's the difference if I'm still going through the process of WASHING my hair? Well, the co-wash is way simplier, the detangling is faster , the conditioner is moisturizing and curl popping, and I don't have to wash the conditioner fully out( cue for wash and go's). It's just my preference! Some of you might love the co-wash or hate it, some may be shampoo regimen strict like I was or some might not really care how it's washed as long as it's washed!

*Steps on soapbox* Unfortunately, there have been a set of "rules" for natural hair, which is ironic because going natural sorta represents the stand of being "FREE". Yet some naturals are stick on the " YOU MUST NOT's, or the OMG YOU DID NOT USE THAT OR DID THAT" rules; making it hard for new naturals to embrace what THEY want to do with THEIR hair" * off soapbox*

Another process, that I've changed in my regime is how I wash my hair. Prior to this series, I'd make it a MUST to not only scrub( with fingertips) my scalp but my entire hair. Now, my major concern is the scalp; I make sure that I clean the scalp first. There are days when I don't have the time to do a proper wash, so I'd wash the scalp first and rinse. While rinsing, I'll rake my fingers through my hair making sure the shampoo runs down the strands with the water. It's important I get the scalp cleaned especially if I'm mostly doing co-washes; then I save the whole head routine for the shampoo.

The point of this episode, is to exclaim that washing my hair isn't my FIRST priority; however it is an important one. I just make sure that I wash when needed rather than when my "routine" calls for it!
 Although I co-wash and yes, I stated that it's easier and faster and although, it does make detangling easier, it doesn't make the battle any more fun!

So Stay Tuned for the next episode, ' The Battle of the Strands'  of the " It's All for My Hair Series"

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