Monday, October 17, 2011

Brief "NO POO" Review

As I mentioned in my "Past vs. Current Products" post, I made an attempted to try a No Poo method. A No Poo method, is when you do NOT use shampoo to wash your hair. Shampoos are used  to remove build up in the hair but can also strip the hair and scalp of its biological oils, leaving it dry and feeling stringy. There are several different methods, I attempted the baking soda method.

Bakin soda NO Poo recipee

1 tablespoon baking soda

1 cup of water

I then applied the mix to my hair, massaged it in for a min then rinsed and IMMEDIATELY deep conditioned.  I tried this method 3 times and the results?!

My hair felt stringy and even after deep conditioning it was left dry but not as dry as my sulfate shampoo left it, so I kept using it but afterwards I felt it was time to move onto another method and my hair still felt dry to the bone. By then i've already bought the Giovani 50:50 Moisturizing and Clarifying shampoo(will have a review on that a month from now)

So, the No Poo baking soda method seems to be OKAY but not the best nor a staple method, IN MY OPINION

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